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Wheel Cleaner

Wheel Cleaner

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Anarchy Wheel Cleaner is a precise cleaning product designed to clean wheels. This product will be specifically aimed at removing dirt that is most common for this area, such as brake dust, grime, mud, tar and other contaminants. Anarchy Wheel Cleaner contains non-hazardous chemicals or acids that do not harm the finish of your wheels or integrity of your tyres.


Directions for use

  1. Spray product on wheel.
  2. Allow to dwell 10-30 seconds.
  3. Use tyre brush to scrub tyre and our wheel woolies to clean barrels.
  4. Use your choice of microfiber towels or wash mitt for front face or a detailing brush for tight crevices.
  5. Rinse off rim.
  6. Repeat sets for the rest.

 *All necessary accessories are available on our website.

Due to production times chemicals may vary in colour.

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