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Heavy Duty Wash

Heavy Duty Wash

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Anarchy Heavy duty wash is a concentrated formula that offers superior cleaning for cars, boats, 4x4, caravans and trucks that will blast away any Dirt, Mud, Grease, and oil with ease. Heavy Duty Wash is also compatible with our snow foam cannon that will quickly cover the car in a thick layer of soap and cut cleaning time in half.


Directions for use

  1. Use 2-3 caps in a clean 15/20L bucket with clean water.
  2. Use sponge/wash mitt and proceed to wash as per normal.
  3. Once washed, rinse car and prepare for drying stage.

 *Sponge/wash mitts are available on our website.


  • 2 bucket wash/rinse method is always recommended.
  • Try avoid washing vehicle in direct sunlight.
  • Bore water is it is not used.
  • Due to production chemical colours may change.


Due to production times chemicals may vary in colour.

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